Making Their School Better, Quietly and Humbly.

Making Their School Better, Quietly and Humbly Karter & Jonathan with current playground Meeting Karter Jones and Jonathan David Sanchez, second graders in Ms. Bryd’s class, you’d never know that they were undertaking a huge initiative to improve their school. Both young men are quiet and unassuming; Karter often speaking for both when asked questions about their project. After a little digging, it becomes clear that both are incredibly passionate about Reaching All Minds Academy and making it an inviting and friendly place for all students. To do this, Karter and Jonathan are starting with the playground. As Karter explains it, the playground project started out simply: “I was walking in fr

STEM Mop Top at RAM

Public speaking, writing, and presentations are a part of STEAM. Kids have designed and engineered their cars. Now to write a story using what you've learned about force, motion, vectors, kinetic and potential energy, and more. Photo Credit: Jackie Johnson/Mop Top

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