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Below are some frequently asked questions about charter schools and some general questions about RAM Academy.  If you have specific questions please email them to or Contact 919-596-1899

What is a charter school? 

Charter schools are new, innovative public schools that are accountable for student results. They are designed to deliver programs tailored to educational excellence and the needs of the communities they serve.  Charter schools are:



  • Legislatively authorized public schools

  • Free and available to all students

  • Held accountable for student achievement

  • Held accountable for all federal and state laws

  • Entrepreneurial and reform oriented

  • Non-profit corporations operated by independent board of directors

Is it true that my child may attend this school no matter what school district we live in?

Yes, students from all surrounding counties can attend. This also applies to students attending private schools and those who are presently attending school at home. A charter school is a public school. Enrollment is open to all students who are residents of NC.

Are there any tuition costs associate with my child attending a charter school?

There are no tuition cost to the students. Charter schools operate as part of the public school system.

Will RAM Academy teach my child only math and science?

North Carolina state standards for all subject areas will be met. Subjects taught will include math, science, health, social studies, reading, and language arts.

What are your beliefs about students being able to achieve?

We are committed to helping young people reach their goals and helping them develop the skills needed to succeed, not just in school, but in life. Students need to be active participants in their learning, parents need to encourage their child to reach their goals, and teachers need to give them the tools and guidance to be successful.​

Is parent involvement a high priority at Reaching All Minds Academy STEM Charter School?

Parent involvement is generally recognized as perhaps the strongest predictor of an individual student's educational success. We encourage parental involvement at the student and school level. This positive involvement will be a primary asset of our school.

Does Reaching All Minds STEM Charter Academy provide transportation?

Currently, we are working to determine if the school will offer transportation from central locations. We will know more when we reach our enrollment capacity of 144 students. We definitely will have a communication system for parents to plan for carpools.

Does RAM Academy provide a lunch program?

RAM Academy will provide lunch for all students for a reasonable fee. We will work with families who meet confidential income requirements to provide lunches at a reduced cost. We also welcome students bringing their own lunches.

What grades are served by the RAM Academy?

RAM Academy is currently serving K-8.

What are the class sizes?

Kindergarten class size is 18. The maximum class size for all other grades is 22.

Are you part of Durham Public School System?

No, we are our own Local Educational Agency and are authorized by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

How do I apply?

Applications are available at the school located at 2703 Holloway Street Durham, NC or online.
APPLY TO RAMA (English and Spanish)

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